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Real men don’t give a shit about what “Real Men Do and Don’t”. Real Men will gladly have a tea party with their nieces, and don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks. 

this is the most adorable thing

the cutest

have yall ever watched this show at least five times every episode one of them tells someone that theyve lost their manhood because they cry or dont wanna do something weird or even mention the idea of shaving beards and the dad is always telling the brothers they shouldnt have married yuppie girls

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i want friends that actually like me, that actually, i don’t know, GIVE A SHIT ABOUT ME. Im tired of constantly being left out.  Im tired of constantly sitting at home, alone, doing NOTHING. The only person that ever talks to me is my girlfriend, thats it.  None of my so called “friends” text me or call me. They don’t even fucking Facebook me or tweet me.  They only talk to me if they need something.  I’m tired of this god damn shit. I hate how people constantly treat me like shit and walk all over me.  IMDONE. 

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Guys, one of my friends on Facebook was so excited that Taco Bell was bringing back the Beefy Crunch Burrito that she posted a message on their Facebook wall and asked them if they had a poster that she could get and hang up in her room. And Taco Bell legit sent her a giant-ass poster. I am laughing so hard right now.

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Our school this “Stone Tablet Policy” which basically says that there is no excuse for not turning in your assignments and that you must turn them in even if you have to carve it into a stone tablet.

So this kid carved his 8 page essay into $70 worth of limestone.

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this is literally the best vine out there

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